Ethical careers for a better world.

Keep track of your job search with our application tracker, built to help you secure your dream job. Ethical job board coming soon.

What our users say

  • Ross

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    The career tracker is incredible ! I was using google sheets before but the UI of your app is so much nicer haha great job!

  • Emma

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    Sounds very interesting and I am sure will be a lot of value to a lot of people currently applying for work. Can be challenging to keep yourself organised

  • Kirsty

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    I am just beginning to apply to jobs and thought I'd crack out a classic spreadsheet until I saw that one of my CodeClan instructors had shared your app with us and it's so useful!

  • Andromeda

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    I recently began using PlanetCareer for tracking my numerous job application, and let me tell you, it's a total game-changer! It's super efficient and user-friendly, making the whole process of managing job applications a breeze. Plus, it looks way cooler than boring old documents. Trust me, this job application tracker is the way to go. Can't wait for job board!


If you have questions, check below. Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out and .

  • Is the application tracker free?

    Yes, the job application tracker will always be free to use. We aim to get our revenue from companies posting roles, and donations.

  • When will the job board launch?

    We plan to launch our ethical job board by late 2023. We will make sure to keep everyone who signs up to our email list up to date.

  • How do you ensure the jobs are ethical?

    Every job will have been vetted by our team before being shared, our goal is to share companies that are using business as a force for good.

Currently we're in alpha, so you might find a few bugs as you explore PlanetCareer. If you want to see the issues we're working on, we have a handy Notion page for known issues.